WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? - Im a Gapstander


When I get dressed in the armor
Of the Lord
Satan says:
Who do you think you are?
I just say:
I’m a child of the King.
This earth is His footstool.
Where do you dwell
He conquered you
Two thousand years ago
I belong here, Satan
Where do you go?
When I kneel to pray
Satan says:
I took your things away
Now you must live in poverty.
I just say:
My Father owns the cattle
On a thousand hills
And He certainly knows
How to take care of me.
When I start to believe
Satan says:
You must be sick
I took away your health
I just say:
I’m healed by the stripes on
His back
I read it in the Book
When Jesus spoke it, it is so.
                         Marie Moates

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