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Miracles Are a God Thing

Miracles can happen to you! Miracles in a life is what counts. In the end, when you look back, it is always God’s intervention that brings us to where we are now. Count your miracles not your disappointments. Bless the Lord for good things coming to you. All good gifts == Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, James 1:17. Call them God’s love not coincidences. Without miracles from a loving God we wouldn’t be here today. Jesus on the scene call on HIM, HE has the answers. Miracle after miracle comes to you, no mere coincidences. Days are not made of coincidences but miracles all along life’s way. God doesn’t create coincidences HE creates miracle for HIS children. in answer to their prayers.

Glorious Gifts

None of God’s miracles
Are small miracles
But glorious gifts
Great blessings for
His people even when
They come in small packages.
They are glorious gifts when
They come from the Lord.
God’s blessings are wonderful
God’s blessings are marvelous
Receive with great joy
Receive them with praise.
Glorious Gifts Great Gifts
Are God’s miracles
To we His people
Receive them with praise.

Marie Moates

Miracles can happen to you. God is a miracle worker in Bible days and today. Look for your miracles they are all around you.

Do you have a miracle you would like to share? Email a testimony of your miracle to be posted here.


Protected From Myself

Left home aggravated, I wanted my husband to go to the grocery store for me and he wouldn’t. On the way I was about to run a red light then slammed on my brakes but I was going too fast to stop and a car was coming from other direction. I said, “Oh Jesus help me!” All of a sudden it was like something grabbed hold of my back bumper, as strong as a chain that won’t let you go any farther, set the car up almost on it’s nose. It stopped my car so fast, scared me so bad I was shaking, had I kept going the other car would had plowed into the side of my car with heavy force. I looked back trying to see what had stopped me so suddenly. I did not see anything or anybody behind my car, but I know there must have been a God-sent force because I know that car could not have stopped on it’s own that day. I just sat there for a minute stunned. I said, “Thank you Jesus. Forgive me for being so angry and putting my life and lives of others in danger. Thank you for your protection today even though I was not doing what was right.”

I learned a huge lesson that day that I have never forgotten. It has been a blessing to me when I want to get mad at someone for something they don’t do. It has been a reminder that God loves me even when I am in the wrong and wasn’t listening nor acting like a Christian should. We have a wonderful Savior who loves us when we are right and loves us when we are wrong. Marie

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