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My Testimony

Let this testimony make you happy, and not sad. Let it make you glad that we have a Saviour that knows how we feel and will heal. I focused on Jesus during the tragic death of my son, who was twenty-six when he was killed in tractor-trailer truck wreck. I thought I could not live, then the Holy Spirit came along side me as Comforter and guided me through what I thought was an impossible gulf of sorrow. As I focused on Jesus instead of myself, He begin to birth a beautiful ministry through me, imagapstander was born. What a gift He gave. I never dreamed God could use such a tragedy for His Glory. God will turn what satan meant for evil into what Jesus can use to win the lost and bless the hurting.

As I focused on Jesus He birthed this ministry out of my sorrow. These inspirations came from deep within, touching emotions I didn’t know I had. Let Jesus be a part of your sorrow. Let Him into your thoughts, your hurts, and healings. He will bring you out step by step. He will walk right with you through each phase of your grief, bringing healing. Nothing I’ve found in life is as hard as losing a child. The age makes no difference, its losing a child that hurts so much, but there is healing through Christ our Lord. Rest in Him, let Him do the healing. It’s O.K. to cry, to grieve. There is a certain amount of grieving to be done to be healed. You do want to be healed, so make sure you move through the grieving, letting Jesus birth the ministry out of you that he intends for a blessing, not only to you but to others. He will touch others through your life and your testimony. People will be blessed by the way you hold on to God in hard times. If you think “I’ll never be able to laugh again,” let Jesus bring back your smile through HIS HEALING.

The reason for this site: to share the gifts God has given. Hope you are blessed by some of them.

My other two sons are saved born again Christians a part of God’s family now

and my husband of fifty years on the day he passed away his prayer:

“Lord take me to where you are.”

Alan the one who was tragically killed had been saved when he was 8 years old but I wasn’t sure of his standing with the Lord when he passed away. I didn’t have to wonder long. The Lord through a vision showed me where he is: In the vision I was sitting at the foot of Alan’s grave feeling the pain of grief so heavy then I realized a figure was standing at the head of his grave. As I raised up from bowed position I saw two bare feet, “I said that is Alan’s feet,” then saw the hem of a glistening white gown, I saw arms, I said, “That is Alan’s arms,” then I recognized his face. The Lord had dressed Alan in his garment of salvation and let me see him. Then I knew Alan was with the Lord and the grief began at that moment the process of healing.

Garment of Salvation:

I will greatly rejoice in the LORD, my soul shall be joyful in my God; for he hath clothed me with the garments of salvation, he hath covered me with the robe of righteousness Isaiah 61:10

All because the Lord birthed ‘imagapstander’ ministry’ a true gift of God and His Promise of Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house Acts 16:31

I can believe for my Family’s Salvation.

Stand on God’s Promise and you to can stand in the gap for your family’s Salvation


This journey has been painful but profitable. I’m so glad I traveled this road with the Lord. My relationship is much richer having walked this journey thus for, though it has been painful it has been profitable in my growth in the Lord being able to hear and obey His Voice. When I first started on this journey I didn’t know how to walk obediently. I was self-centered and wanted my own way and didn’t know how to say, “Lord I’ll do what you want regardless of what I want and as I walked that out I learned how to love others instead of always putting myself first. Being an only child I didn’t learn to share very well but the Lord taught me when I was willing to listen then my relationship was built stronger in Him than ever before. I’m glad I traveled this road with the Lord I learned a lot how to listen and obey.

Lesson don’t always come cheap there is a price to pay for learning but Jesus will walk by your side when invited.


For we walk by faith, not by sight   2 Corinthians 5:7

we are ambassadors for Christ   2 Corinthians 5:20

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