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I’ve got
my eyes on Jesus,
my mind’s made up
Heaven is my home
I’m walking everyday
toward the goal
Living as if I’ll go today.
Earthly things I leave behind
are not important, I’ll be in my
New Home.
Spiritual things I leave my family are
The most important things I can give
A heritage to know how to follow the Lord
When they get to heaven, their new home
They’ll say thanks mom for standing for the right
I appreciate you teaching me how to live for the Lord.
We’ll be together always, because the thing I thought important
Was to teach them about the Lord. Jesus gives me wisdom day by day
To teach my children the importance of touching Him. They will pick up the
Heritage to know how to follow the Lord. Memories are wonderful they live for awhile
But a heritage to know how to follow the Lord lives for all eternity. One of the sweetest songs
You’ll ever hear is your children singing praises unto the Lord. They picked up the heritage knowing
How to follow the Lord. Children are a heritage from the Lord, so mom leave with them the heritage
of knowing how to
Follow the Lord.
                             Marie Moates


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