IT’S JESUS - Im a Gapstander


As the day is dawning, and the foggy midst
Rises from the city. You see the hurt as the
People pass by, you can see the tears in
Their eyes from an emotional wound,
There are hurting people all around.What is the answer to this world’s problem?
It’s Jesus , It’s Jesus, Yes It’s Jesus.
Satan made the wounds,
But by the stripes on Jesus’ back
The hurting ones are healed.
So offer them Jesus, for He is the answer.
It’s Jesus, It’s Jesus, Yes It’s Jesus.

The Father knows when you feel trouble.
So if you’re hurting,
He is alerting someone to help you.
His name is Jesus.
It’s Jesus, It’s Jesus, Yes, it’s Jesus.

                                      Marie Moates


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