HE IS SUPREME - Im a Gapstander


Of whom shall I fear
Or whom shall I be afraid?
The Lord is my defense
He made the heavens
The Lord reigns.
Even the hills melt like wax
At the presence of the Lord.
Make a joyful noise
He is Supreme, He is the King.The Lord is high above all the earth
Exalted far above all gods
Come let us worship and bow down.
He is God
Knowing the thoughts of all men.
The Lord will not cut off His people
He wants them to be established and rejoice.
Singing a new song
A joyful song unto Him
Though lightning flashing, thunder roar
Let the earth rejoice in the Lord.

Sing unto the Lord
With the trumpets,
Make a joyful noise with harps,
Sending praises up on high
Sing new praises from the heart
Sing new praises to the Lord
Giving glory unto Him
He is Supreme, He is the King
Sing new praises unto the Lord.

                                     Marie Moates


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